Welcome to the team

Terry Penner took over from longtime CW Wiebe Medical Centre administrator Jim Neufeld. Terry brings strong organizational skills and personal energy into the position in a time when health care dynamics and opportunities face the community with new challenges. Welcome to the team, Terry!

Retired Executive Director Recognized

Winkler District Health Care Board recognized the C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre Executive Director, Jim Neufeld for his 20 years of service to the clinic group. Much of its growth and success was due to his visionary leadership.

Media Release

Media Event at C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre
Media Event: Left to right, Terry Penner (medical centre administrator) Crystal Cruickshank (Board), Erin Plett (Board) Alvin Thiessen (AL Group owner), Brenda Willey (AL Group property manager), Henry Siemens (mayor, City of Winkler), Don Friesen (board) James Friesen (board executive director), Dr Cornie Woelk (CW Wiebe physician), Ike Friesen (RM of Stanley)

Winkler and District Health Care Board announces a significant expansion of its footprint in the ALG Professional Centre.

The Health Care Board was offered the opportunity to purchase 14 units totalling 16,500 square feet in the ALG Professional Centre building, downtown Winkler, within which the CW Medical Centre operates.  We completed the purchase in the fall of 2022.  These units include health related organizations such as dental offices, chiropractic, and hearing services as well as businesses such as a restaurant, financial institution, insurance agency and others.  This asset purchase, including the well-established business tenant group will allow the Health Care Board to provide effective and accessible primary health care clinic space capacity well into the future.

The AL Group of Companies led by Alvin and Arlen Thiessen meets with the Health Care Board executive to finalize the purchase of the remaining share of the ALG Professional Centre including a generous contribution back to the organization. Left to Right, Arlen Thiessen, Marvin Plett, Pete Froese, Terry Penner, Don Friesen, Alvin Thiessen, James Friesen.

A CFP Article about Dr. Adashnee Pather

The following article in the Canadian Family Physician, the official journal of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, shares the importance of community organizations in recruiting and retaining family physicians.  Dr. Adashnee Pather is a local physician practising at the CW Wiebe Medical Centre in Winkler.  The article shares her personal story of coming to southern Manitoba to open and grow her practice.


Quietly courageous
Paul Sawchuk
Canadian Family Physician Aug 2019, 65 (8) 589;

Winkler doctor celebrates 51 years serving the region

Excerpted from Pembina Valley Online:

Dr. Chandy Jacob, simply known as “Doctor Jacob”, to many, has seen healthcare advance and adapt in the Pembina Valley for over 50 years. In that time he’s personally seen the team of local doctors grow from four to 45 in Winkler.

After a half-century in the field, Jacob’s tried and true mantra remains, if you add more services in the rural areas people benefit and the government saves money, “providing specialist care in a regional centre is not only better service for people, the government saves money because the cost is less than providing the same service in the city… we’re not asking for the moon, but add some services outside Winnipeg.”

“People need to speak up, we deserve better care,” he says, adding while doctors have some weight when it comes to advocacy, the public has the true political power.

And he says more specialists, like himself, are interested in settling outside urban areas. “If you put the services here, the specialists will move here… but people need to ask for it.”

Jacob celebrated 51 years serving Winkler and area this year.

Click to read the full article on Pembina Valley Online.

Winkler Business Awards Gala 2019

The Winkler & District Health Care Board received recognition in the Not-For-Profit category at the 2019 Winkler Business Awards Gala.

June Letkeman, Kori Da Costa and Marvin Plett accepting on behalf of the board.

As part of the ceremony a video was presented (see below), highlighting our history and our focus on supporting community health care.

Paul Peters award

By Ashleigh Viveiros, Winkler Morden Voice, November 22 2018 Issue

The Winkler and District Healthcare Board bid farewell to one of its longest serving members last week (pictured, fifth from left).

Former Rhineland councillor Paul Peters, who opted not to seek re-election this fall after over two decades on council, attended his final health care board meeting at the C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre on Friday.

Peters joined the board when it was first created 18 years ago and has been there to help guide the community-owned clinic’s growth ever since.

That growth has been amazing to have a hand in, Peters said.

“There’s so many things that have happened over the years,” he said. “The extension and expansion in this area is just phenomenal.”

When the board was founded, Winkler was down to about half a dozen physicians. Today, over 40 call the city home.

The support of the community itself has played a huge role in attracting and retaining quality health care professionals, Peters stressed.

“It’s unbelievable the support that we get from all the municipalities and just great to see the health care keeping on being proactive.” 

Peters’ involvement in local health care stretches back to the 1970s when he was a member of the Bethel Hospital board.

“I’ve seen a lot of things happen,” he said, reflecting that his interest in the field stemmed from the fact his youngest son was born with Down syndrome. “So, we had a little more to do with doctors … that was just an ongoing concern.”

Peters also got to personally know the Winkler clinic’s namesake, Dr. C.W. Wiebe.

“[He] was a good friend of mine, even if he was a good 40 years older than me,” he said. “We had a lot of good times.”

Knowing that the work he’s been a part of all these years has helped improve health care for thousands of area residents is a satisfying realization for Peters.

“It’s great to see the fruition of the labour that has been put in by the people ahead of me and the present board, too,” he said. “They’re all on the same page, working for the benefit of this community.”

Winkler’s model of community health care has served as an example across the nation.

“I think we’re one of a kind and we have been a frontrunner for health care,” Peters said, noting clinic manager Jim Neufeld has been invited to speak all over Canada about the inner workings of the clinic.

“It’s not the doctors controlling the clinic, it’s the community,” he explained. “That’s what has made this thing grow …  [it provides] long-term stability. Doctors can come and go, but the community’s still in control.”

Health care board chair Marvin Plett said Peters’ experience will be missed.

“It’s been wonderful working with Paul. He’s a very dedicated member,” he said, adding Peters also brought continuity to the board. “With your long-term service, you have the history of it … for new members that was very helpful to put things into perspective.”

Peters’ final meeting last week was also the first meeting for several new members, as the board welcomed newly elected representatives from throughout the region.

The board has big plans for the clinic’s future on the horizon, Plett noted.

“For a long time we were just playing catch-up,” he said of the organization’s early years. “Originally we had 12,000 sq. ft. that we leased … we’re up to 25,000 sq. ft. now.  “We’ve doubled the space in here, but we are getting crowded again,” Plett said. “And so, we’re working on some other initiatives that we can talk about in a few months’ time. We are definitely thinking ahead.”